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Andy Warhol, died 25 years ago (August 6, 1928 – February 22, 1987)

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“…given the social and biological circumstances of women’s lives, a woman who isn’t called a hard-driving bitch along the way is not likely to reach any top. A movie can show us the good girls winning the fellas, mothering the kids, succoring those who have met with adversity, but a good-girl artist is a contradiction in terms.”
— Pauline Kael (via an excellent piece on Whitney Houston at The New Civil Rights Movement)

Met this fellow on a walk around the neighborhood.

Always loved this tune.


Swirlies - Park The Car By The Side Of The Road

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In honor of the 48th anniversary of the Beatles playing Ed Sullivan, here’s a clip from Robert Zemeckis’ strange little piece of Boomer nostalgia, 1978’s I Wanna Hold Your Hand. (See, Boomers were getting misty-eyed for their youth even when they were young. No wonder they can’t handle getting old.) There are two great scenes in the film, this being one of them. The Beatles give our sexually repressed heroine an honest-to-God full-blown orgasm with their magical Beatle powers. This probably really happened. It definitely happened in A Hard Day’s Night, if you swap our heroine’s soundless, tearful cry for “Paul” to “George.” Good stuff starts around 1:03. Read a full breakdown of the film at the AV Club.


travelin’ music

Best valentine ever! (Taken with instagram)

“I would like to say to every radio programmer reading this: ‘You are a fucking pussy. You are not a rock fan. You are hustling nostalgia and you have no balls and you suck.’ That’s what I would like to say.”
— Sebastian Bach in an interview with the AV Club. (Source)

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