(I’m Not) Your Stepping Stone: A Brief Musical Overview

(I’m not) Your Stepping Stone is one of those songs that’s probably been covered by every band ever at some point in their existence. The reason for this is simple: it’s super easy to play and everybody knows it.

The song was written by song-writing team Boyce and Hart, best known for penning huge hits for the Monkees, this one included. So, it’s kind of pre-fab in a way, and by that I mean the song was written to be popular; not necessarily a bad thing if you accept the basic capitalist nature of rock and roll, which we all must do as fans and consumers. But I digress.

The upside is that it’s actually a very versatile song that works equally well across a spectrum of rock and roll sub-genres (probably non-rock and roll as well, I’m just not hip to it).¬†Here are 8 versions of the song done by a collection of garage bands, pop bands, psych bands, punk bands, and one TV band.

It’s all the same song so…

Paul Revere & The Raiders, Midnight Ride 
The Possums, Highs in the Mid-Sixties Vol. 9 - Ohio
The Sex Pistols, The Great Rock ‘N’ Roll Swindle
The Monkees, Greatest Hits
The Rebounds, Boulders Vol. 2
Minor Threat, Minor Threat LP
The Flies, Complete Collection: 1965-1968
Outer Limits, Syde Trips Vol. 7