By Mariana Timony

Midnite Snaxxx will satisfy your craving for rock and roll made by women who remember that the Go-Go’s were once a scrappy punk band like them. These Oakland ladies have esteemed musical pedigrees, so it’s no surprise that on A Guy Like That (Total Punk), they serve up two tracks of old-school punk-pop played fast and mean. Sure, it’s a wee bit bubblegum, but who cares? With riffs this dirty, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were razorblades stashed in the candy jar. Besides, Midnite Snaxxx aren’t the type to go in for the frilly stuff—they’re way too basic for that. Guitar, bass, drums, and matching leather jackets are all they need to rock your world, but even girls this tough have gooey centers. Underneath all the crunchy power chords are songs that could’ve come straight out of the Brill Building. “Baby don’t you go, don’t you leave me alone,” they plead on b-side “Jackie” (androgynous name, a plus), while the title track has those sweet girl group vocals placed front and center. Revolutionary it’s not, but this kind of stuff always did sound great on a 7”, so buy A Guy Like That and slot it in your punk singles box where it belongs.

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